Our European partners should be coming to visit us next November. We'll meet them at Niort railway station on Sunday November 17th and they will leave on Friday 22nd.

The 13 partner students we'll stay with students from the Comenius Club. Families are to be contacted soon.


Let me remind you that we only have 3 partners left : England, Spain and Norway.  So on our first meeting the project we'll be reorganized. For example the dates of the trips to Norway, and Spain are probably going to change so that 2 trips a year are done. Some of the activities planned to be organized by Austria or Portugal may also change.

The school in England is in Coulsdon in the London Borough of Croydon. It's a large primary school (about 680 pupils of which about 40 % speak English as a second language). Only teachers will come from England for our meeting.

The Spanish school is in Alcala de Henares, about 30 kms north of Madrid. 5 students we'll be coming.

The Norwegian school is on the south coast of Norway in Kristiansand. 8 students should be coming from there.

Une réunion sera organisée pour informer les parents des élèves du Club Comenius dès que possible.



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