Scary Stories competition

Les élèves de 4èmeDegas et Offenbach ont travaillé sur le thème suivant : Write a scary story for the competition.

Ils devaient continuer cette histoire "Once upon a time, there were three friends who lived in a small village. One day, they decided to go camping."

Voici quelques unes de leurs productions.

Once upon a time, there were three friends who lived in a small village. One day, they decided to go camping. When they arrived in the campsite, it was already dark and there was nobody anymore.they put up their tents, they ate and then they went to bed because they were tired. They heard the wind blowing, the storm rumbling which made strange noises. Suddenly, a scream was heard. Ana and john went out of their tents, but Kate did not. Then, they saw blood trickling from Kate's tent. Ana immediately opened the tent and she saw Kate covered with blood . Seeing that they were distraught, Kate explained that she had spilledstrawberry juice on her tee-shirt. Ana and John were now reassured and they went back to bed and Katewent to the toilets to remove the stains of strawberry juice.

The next morning, Ana, then John awoke. But Kate did not wake up, and when they opened Kate's tent, she was not there.

Original story by LL (4°Degas), corrected version.


Once upon a time, there were three friends who lived in a small village. One day, they decided to go camping. The night was falling in the forest. The two boys started to pitch their tent near the river while the girl was collecting firewood.

It was dark and she heard something strange, but she didn't know what it was. She was beginning to get nervous but she continued collecting firewood. Suddenly, she saw a scary shadow that looked like a man with an axe. She was terrified and she started screaming. As she was running, she saw a lot of eyes in the night. She was breathless so she stopped running and she shouted : "Please", help me! There is something strange in the forest! I'm scared, help me."

At that time, she didn't know what to do, she was alone in the middle of the wood, she was shaking. Being too terrified, she decided to find her friends. She ran until she found them. When they saw her and her scary face, they panicked so she explained what had happened. Knowing the story, they decided to leave.

As they were leaving, they saw an odd man who told them, "Did you know that it is a haunted forest?", and he smiled.

Original story by SM (4°Degas), corrected version.

Once upon a time, there were three friends who lived in a small village. One day, they decided to go camping. They pitched their tents in a clearing. They started a camp fire to warm up and to cook their marshallows for their diner. Suddenly, the birds stopped singing, it became strangely calm. Now, the night was very dark. A lot of little lights were shining, they seemed to be looking at them, motionless. The teenagers decided to huddle up around the fire to gather their courage, the flames became higher and higher, then they were small again, and high and small.

Jack, Robert and Jessica were terrified, a silhouette appeared in the middle of the fire. The teenagers tried to run away but the white thing moved his fingers to throw them into the fire. Suddenly, a hundred elves ran to them. They seemend to be hungry and angry too. They began dancing, screaming and jumping. The white thing disappeared. Catain elve explained that the white thing was the evil ghost of the forest and the elves were its angels.

Original story by SF (4°Offenbach), corrected version.



Once upon a time, there were three friends who lived in a small village. One day, they decided to go camping. The three boys whose names were Harry, Tom and Steven were walking toward a strange forest whoses name was the White Lady's forest, to go camping. In that forest, there was apparently a curse which resulted in deaths, but the boys did not believe in that curse.

They arrived in front of the forest and they found it immense and mysterious. The three boys started putting their tent up. The night was beginning  falling down and the environment was frightening. They could hear strange noises. They began eating and suddenly, they saw a silhouette walking by and it suddenly disappeared. The boys were surprised and frightened. They found it weird.

After having eaten, Steven made a camp fire because it was night and it was cold. The three boys began telling jokes. They laughed together and suddenly, Harry decided to tell scary stories. While Harry was telling a story, they saw a silhouette appear again and they were scared. After, this fear, they decided to go to sleep in their tent. At that moment, a frightening noise drew Steven's attention. It was windy, and leaves cracked. The other boys were fast asleep. Suddenly, a white woman appeared and Steven was terrified now.

The woman threw a curse and Steven began suffocating, Tom and Harry woke up in a start, they tried to call the police but they did not have any network. They tried to rescue Steven but it was too late, the curse was unfortunately true.

Original story by LA (4°Offenbach), corrected version.


Once upon a time, there were three friends who lived in a small village. One day, they decided to go camping. After convincing their parents, they left in the direction of the wood. They parked Aria's car at the edge of the wood and they started walking until they arrived at the camp. The three girls set their tents and they lighted a fire because the night was beginning falling.

Suddenly, Aria had the idea to go for a dip in the lake which was not far from the camp. Her friedns agreed, so they left in the direction of the lake. On the path, only the laughters of the girls were audible. Everything around them was silent.

Julia who was still fully dressed, jumped into the lake first, then Aria and Chloe followed her immediately. The water was quite cold and Chloe wanted to dry off, but she noticed that they had not thought of bringing towels. Aria said she would go and pick them up at the camp. It was getting dark, that did not comfort Aria who was moving forward alone to the camp. Everything was quiet, even the girls' laughters were far off. Aria hurried. After a few minutes, she finally arrived at the camp, she took the towels and she sat near the fire to get warm.

The temperature had dropped of at least ten degrees. Suddenly, she heard a noise coming from behind her. It sounded like footsteps. As she could see nothing, she believed she was dreaming. It was almost dark, Aria decided to go back to the lake where Julia and Chloe were waiting for her. When she started to leave, she heard a noise again, but that time, it was coming from behind Julia's tent, and then, she saw a silhouette. Fear overcame Aria who began shivering.

"Who's there?", she asked.

But nobody replied. The person behind Julia's tent started running toward her. She tried to escape, she was running as fast as she could, when suddenly, a hand touched her shoulder. Aria screamed and fainted.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Julia who were still in the water, began feeling very cold, so they came out of the water. Aria had been gone for thirty minutes and the girls started worrying. They decided to go and look for her. The wind had risen and the branches around them were shivering. Their wet clothes were sticking to their bodies, Suddenly, Chloe and Julia saw a very weird old hunchbacked man. He asked them why they were there. Chloe answered that they were camping near the lake. The old man told them not to stay there at night time because all the people who had slept there, had disappeared and they had never been found. The old man also told them that the wood was called "The wood of the missing". The girls were frightened with the old man's words. However, they decided to go back to the camp.

Arrived there, Chloe and Julia saw the towels on the floor. Julia also saw a message on Aria's tent reading "go away"; They were frightened. Chloe called Aria but she did not answer. It started raining and they were too afraid to stay there. They rushed to the car and once inside, they bloted the doors. Julia dialed 911, but they did not have any service. After a few minutes, Julia checked outside while Chloe was waiting in the car. The latter saw a silhouette passing around the car, she was terrified.

All of a sudden, she heard a scream coming from outside, she recognized Julia's voice. Chloe turned her head and she saw a man dressed in dark clothes who was approaching. She quickly put the key in the ignition, but the man was standing in front of her, he was holding the car battery. She realized that there was no way to escape. Her instinct forced her to get out of the car. She ran for fifteen minutes without looking backwards, until she fell down. Her leg was broken, she could not move.

The next day, the three girls were reported missing and since then, their bodies have never been found.

The mlystery of "the wood of the missing" has not been solved yet.

Original story by EQ (4°Offenbach), corrected version.

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