An unexpected journey

An unexpected journey


  Three months ago, with our class, mrs. Viaud, and 5°2class, we left Albert Camus school by coach at half past eleven in the evening. During the nignt, we slept in the coach under the rain.

  When we arrived  at Ouistreham, we took the ferry boat. The ship was very big and there were many shops so we bought a lot of souvenirs. We navigated between 7.00 and 1.15 so it was very long. We had breakfast and lunch on the ferry boat, it was a selfservice.

  Our first stop in England was in Salisbury to visit Old Sarum . In the past , Old Sarum was a fortress but people deserted because the water was scarce . They used the castle's stones to build a new city. Later , we met our host family and we had dinner with them.


  During the second day, we discovered the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey , the monks looked for a treasure but in a cemetary, they found the corpses of King Arthurs and Queen Guenievre.  At the same place, we saw a beautiful cathedral, Salisbury’s cathedral, it stands at 123 metres so it was bigger than the other cathedrals of England.


  In the following day, it was raining but we still visited Bath and its gothic cathedral .  After buying in shops, we visited the Roman Baths , it was so interesting because we learnt many things about the Roman's lives and their believes.


  Our last day was in Winchester to visit its cathedral , we had lunch opposite it . In the afternoon, we discovered Winchester college, a college for rich boys, it looked like Hogwarts and we also saw the Great Hall, where Arthur's  Round Table is kept. But everything ends: we had lunch in a fish and ships before coming back to France by ferry boat.



Fanny, Wendy and Elisa, 5ème De Machaut

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