3° Mandela : secret message

Juliette écrit à Roméo ou Roméo écrit à Juliette, mais conscients du fait que leurs familles sont ennemies, ils dissimulent dans leur lettre un message secret, le découvrirez-vous?


I offer you to join us!!

Lots of success awaits you as tomorrow's researcher.

Of course, you will become the best!

Validate your entry before August. TELUJI

Enterprise invites you into its university.

Your future is in your hands.

On the world, you will work.

Use your assets and come with us!

TELUJI University

created by Armelle

I'm sorry for Ty's death.

Leave me alone, I deserve it.

Object of love, you are a

valley that I deforestated. You are the

enemy of my family.

You are betrayed by my stupidy. You are 

Oxygen for me, but I am an 

ugly person.


created by Wassim

I think we should not see each other again.

Lots of hate is present in our families.

Oh! What annoying task it is to writ to you. I am 

victim of your costums, I have fallen in your trap.

Every second, I can't stop thinking that you are a Montague.

You are just a young demon, with one

of your eyes, you kill me.

Ultimate goodbye, horrible creature.


created by Eva G.

I think we made a mistake.

Lost, yes, I'm lost...

Of course, you are a good person!

Visually, you are a boy like any other, but ....

everything I should remember is that,

you are a Montague.

Obviously, I cannot have a relationship with you or any member of your family

until your name changes, don't talk to me again.


created by Eva B.

I saw you at the bal,

Lady Capulet saw you too.

oh, I wanted to tell you not to come back.


every time you will come back,

you will be punished.


Usually, I do not do that but you are a Montague.


created by Mathieu 

i am not interested in you.

Lonely is my heart. An

opponent you are. My

Vow is to never see you again, that is my vow.

Exasperate, you are too.

Your family is my enemy,

our relationship cannot exist.

Uh, we are anemies so our love is impossible.

created by Maya

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