3° Mandela : final work.

En partant simplement d'une photo présentant un ciel aux couleurs qui évoquent le mystère, une forêt tout aussi énigmatique, et finalement 2 personnages qui semblent minuscules au pied de ces arbres....... ils ont laissé libre cours à leur imagination.

Voici quelques uns de leurs travaux.

Two British researchers, James and William, were sent to Amazonia by their boss. They were looking for a precious stone whose value was inestimable.

They arrived in front of a big forest but they didn't know where the stone was. After having spent one week searching for it and surviving in difficult conditions, they decided to go back home. Suddenly, a cheetah jumped on James. They fought hard, but sadly, the beast killed James. William became sad and depressed, he was not enough careful to avoid a quick-sand. This place was a magic door to enter a cave.
William woke up, and in the middle of the big cave, he saw the famous precious stone. But, in the cave, another man was watching the stone too.
« Hi » said William.
The man didn't reply.
«Are you coming for the stone ? » asked William.
« For the stone ? No ! For a magic diamond, the most expensive stone of the world. » Replied the man.
The man and William ran to catch it at the same time. They bumped. The stone fell down and it broke.

written by Agathe


Alex and Joey were two student friends, they left in a deserted island for an experience : living on their own. After two days on the island, the two adventurers were looking for a new, more comfortable place to sleep.

As the night was falling, Alex started worrying.
"Joey ? I'm tired and I'm really hungry ... and where are we ?" He asked.
"Yes, I'm tired too and I don't know where we are-... I also want to sleep" said Joey.
"Go Joey ! We must continue ! We'll find a place to sleep !" encouraged Alex.

A thunderstorm sounded and it began raining.
"I hope -..." whispered Joey.
The two friends ran in a big forest. They were constantly slipping on pebbles... and : they miraculously found a cave to spend the night.
Once sheltered, Joey exclaimed, " Wouah ! We're wet ! "

They dried themselves and they made a "matress" to sleep. A few hours later, Joey woke up because of a strange noise. He rose slowly and a new growl was heard. Alex woke up suddenly and Joey lit a lamp. They were very scared because the noises grew louder and a terrifying shadow appeared on the cave's walls. Suddenly, a huge bear's head appeared in the light. Alex and Joey shouted and ran away from the cave.
After getting his breath back, Joey said, "I've never been so scared in all my life !"
"Me too, it was so big compared to us." admitted Alex.
Still shocked, the two companions walked and joined a little beach were they could, for several days, fish and sleep peacefully, this time …

The end

written by Lucie 

The scene took place in 1673. Our heroes were in the jungle of South America, in Amazonia at night.


« Come on Harrison ! Leave this caravel now ! » Cried Jones.

« It’s high… I can’t jump… » murmured Harrison.

« It’s time to go ! I have the treasure map so come on ! » Screamed the old man.

« Okay… I’m coming. » Agreed the young boy.

A few minutes later, when Harrison left the caravel, the old adventurer lighted a torch. And they began following the map. After a few hours, they were facing a big cliff.

« We need to climb this cliff my friend ! » told Jones.

« Seriously ? But it’s high and it’s dangerous… » Added the fearful boy.

« Of course ! Oh, come on ! The treasure is just after this rock ! » cried the man.

They climbed the cliff and they walked for some time. They found a little  clearing and there, they found a mountain of gold !

« So my friend, we have reached this treasure ! » Cried Jones.

However, that treasure was protected by a group of natives. They were in coconut  trees. A native shot a vicious arrow in Jones’s shoulder.

« Run Harrison ! Go away ! Take the boat and go away now ! Shouted Jones, hurt.

Harrison went away very fast and he reached the cliff. He was scared because he could not go down the cliff. So a native shot an assegai at Harrison who fell down the cliff and died. Jones died because he had been poisoned.

The treasure is still in the jungle, protected by natives and damned for adventurers.

written by Noé

        An eventful birthday

  Kate, who was shy though she was funny, Stanley, who was tall, adventurer and who had dark eyes, and their three other friends went camping in a tent for Kate's birthday. They were on a little island, in the forest. The sky was pink and there was a hot wind, it was a nice but a little scary place.
Together, Kate and Stanley gathered wood to make a fire. The place was dark now, ans they could heard strange noises.

« It's really wonderful and magic here ! » said Stanley amazed.
« Yes, but it's a little scary and strange ! » answered Kate to Josh.

Suddenly, they jumped and a log fell on Kate's foot. They had heard a shout, maybe their friends were in danger. Stanley and Kate decided to follow the shout, but Kate was lame and she followed Stanley with difficulty.
Suddenly, they found a bear in front of them. They ran the faster they could, but the bear was fast. Stanley threw his bag full of food away and they ran to take refuge in the cleft of a cliff. Inside, it was dark and they could hear whispers.

« Phew, we were lucky ! » declared Josh breathless.
« No, Stanley ! Where are we ? And why are there bears here?! » enquired Kate angrily.
« Chill out, Isn't it funny ? » replied Stanley calmy.
« No, absolutely not ! » screamed Kate scornfully.
« Hey Kate ! Happy birthday !! It was a joke ! The bear, John was the bear ! » added Stanley.
« Oh my god, I was so scared ! » retorted Kate.
« Happy birthday !!! » they cried together.
All her friends were there, in the cleft of the cliff.

written by Océane

The parallel world

Stanley and Josh were walking in the night, the two handsome boys were twenty years old. For Josh's birthday, they wanted to live a thrilling adventure. So, to live this, that Saturday night, they went to a ghost town. In reality the town had nothing scary. But all began when Stanley, a tall man, discovered a secret passage. Intrigued, the two friends entered the narrow passage with their flashlights.
At the end of the tunnel they arrived in a strange forest.

“Oh! Where are we ?!” exclaimed Stanley
“I don't know, I have never seen it, it's maybe a parallel world!” cried Josh, nicely.
“ Do you think that we are the first people to come here? ” asked Stanley.
“ No, I don't think so,” said Josh “Look at this.”

He found a dozen of human skeletons which were laying on the ground .They were frightened, the two friends were watching the impressive forest before them. They could hear strange shouts. In the darkness, shadows and silhouettes were appearing. They decided to find a shelter and wood to make a fire. Suddenly, a creature attacked them, she had sharp teeth and the body of a monkey. The monster hurt Stanley, but as Stanley was very strong, he killed her. Stanley saved Josh, who had many injuries on his face. It is then that they heard a landslide.Stanley and Josh saw that the secret passage was disappearing under the rocks.

“Quickly, we must start!” cried Stanley.
But Josh passed out, so Stanley put his friend on his shoulders.Listening to his courage, he ran to the passage.
He said “ Josh, Josh can you hear me ?? Josh stay with me, we can do it, stay with me! ”
But the passage was becoming increasingly small. Fortunately, they succeeded in running across the door.
All of a sudden, Josh woke up
“Phew! It was just a horrible nightmare, Today is my birthday and I fully intend to enjoy.” he said .


 written by Armelle

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